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Originally Posted by John Y
bump: Rail, did you ever figure this out? I had the exact same problem on my '07 - got the fogs blinking and everything, but it just wouldn't work; I tried the generic instructions on the Homelink site too, but that didn't work.
I *finally* got Homelink to work properly with my new 987. I wasn't even getting the foglights to blink.. turns out I have to switch my garage door remote's switch to 390mhz (default is 315), and just patiently keep the button pressed while moving it around the front bumper til it FINALLY flashed.

If you got the fogs to flash, and it still doesn't work, it's because you have one more step to complete -- your garage door opener uses a "rolling code" system, so you have to sync your car to the garage door base now. To do so, you go and press the "Learn" button on the garage door base (that's how it's labeled on the Genie system here), then within 30 seconds, go back into the boxster, and press and hold the homelink button you just programmed a few times (hold it each time for about 1-2 seconds; more than 20 seconds and it will reset your boxster's homelink button!). It took about 3 or 4 presses of 1-2 seconds each, then magically the garage door closed. And tada, it was programmed!

Note that the car must have the key in the ignition, and turned to the On position (but the car does NOT necessarily have to be running, at least not on the 987).

Seems like a small thing, but it's such a convenience to not have to open the glovebox and get the remote out and push the button, then put it back in and close it up.

Let me know if any of the above isn't clear!


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