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Paul: If you don't think there's any difference - many simply don't care - between std. and S; then save your $$. I have friends that would throw the top down in 40f. weather and simply drive ..they don't race or pretend to at stoplights. They simply want a really cool car. There's got to be a ton of std. '01's w/40k... where you could paint the calipers red.

Others - I'm guilty - are more tuned to the nuance paper trails options some 'optimum' obtainable for the money. Even the tires can be 'Porsche rated' or simply skins to pass inspection.

Again, it depends on your personality. If you're anal, then discovering all the goodies on an S - after buying a Std. - may amplify Buyer's Remorse. If not, then no matter which version - you may never have any remorse.

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