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Originally Posted by codytuc213
The water was collecting at the bottom of the door. The carpet below the speaker became(and stayed) wet. I only got wind of this over the phone so I don't know where exactly it is comming from. I know it must be due to dammage to the skin, but damn, $500. I will get a full report today and hopefully a solution!
Did they remove the door pods on yours? If they did, what did they fill the space with?
I filled the space w/ air My baffles mount in the original holes for the OEM "pods" (tuned ports) and tighten up to the foam liner/vapor barrier.

I could see if you completely removed the vapor barrier there could be a problem, but it shouldn't have been removed. I only cut mine enough to make room for the speaker depth. No water problems here and don't beleive anyone when they say the tuned ports help channel water - there were too many boxsters made that don't have door speakers. Your holes in the door bottom may be plugged though?
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