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Originally Posted by codytuc213
Yeah, so I upgraded my speakers, took out the old door pods, put the in new speakers and now I get water in the door. Seems (I am told) that the pods actually help to chanel the water so it can exit the door.
Now the dilema. Replace the new speakers with the origional pods, install new plastic film and have no leak. Or replace the torn film and hope for the best. No gurantee.
Either way I'm out at least $500.00 for the repair work. Hopefully my installer will foot the bill and come up with a solution.
Anyone else have this problem?
P.S. The new speakers are great!!!!

I doubt seriously that the Speaker Enclosure is used to channel water from the Door. If that were so, what would people who only have the M441 Stereo Option without Door Speakers do?

I suspect that your Door Drains are clogged with debris, leaves, seeds, etc. which can pass through the opening for the window. If the Vapor Barrier has been removed, replace it - that's what it's there for. Good Luck!...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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