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The bit about the car being in a constant drift has gotten me thinking as well.

Throughout braking, turning, and most of the corner exit, the car should be in a slight drift

Never really thought about it that way. I guess when you can 'steer' the car in a controlled drift, corner after corner, you really have learned to keep the tires at the limit 100% of the time.

Reminds me of another story I heard about Jackie Stewart and recent F1 driver driving together in a two seater at Goodwood. "Stewart seemed to be taking forever to change gears and steer, no way man this old guy has lost the plot!". But then he looked up at the timer and Sir Jackie was several tenths quicker than the younger pro.

Seemed crazy to me when I read that because even at that level (F1) drivers are in a rush to go fast. Seems to be it all comes down to minimizing mistakes by taking your time.
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