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Thanks for posting...his article really hit home.

I had the chance last year to attend a day of advanced road racing at Pocono with the Bertil Roos Racing School just days after picking up my new car (98 Boxster).
At the time I assumed it may have been my only opportunity to drive an F2000 Race car so I drove at 110% as he described and lost control too many times to count trying to push the car to the limit with basically a few hours of instruction under my belt...again I was thinking it would be my only chance to drive one of these things so I wanted to go as fast as possible for a newbie. Well I think I may have been the fastest of the first timers but not without spinning more often than any of them.

Well it looks like I'll be back there again this year so I am looking forward to another day of driving. However this time I am planning a little less time with the ragged,(all be it fun) go cart style power sliding and more time exercising what is actually being taught, lending more to the theme of Randy's thoughts.
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