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Originally Posted by bmussatti
Super66...good thing you have a 987 then...more leg room than the 986's!

Alfonso Boone of the Chicago Bears (6-4 318 pounds) just bought a Guards Red GT3 from The Porsche Exchange. Don't forget the Carrera has a "back seat" area. Only for vertically challenged people back there!
Alfonso Boone??? what he have? like a sack? I thought I heard they weren't keeping him??

Very true on the 986...I sit in a AS with red interior years back....that was my preferred color scheme....I didn't fit in the dang thing....when I sat in the 987 I remember thinking wow, I fit afterall, and then thinking it doesn't look like I remembered it looking inside.....

The P-dealer actually let me take it for a weekend to make sure I fit and had enough room to shift....otherwise we were contemplating going tip....
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