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that's interesting. The poster in the blog says that Porsche is not losing its core mission in building sports cars because the Cayenne Turbo-S is soooo good.
Well I read a pretty scathing review of the CT-S, where they said the $120K Porsche SUV was getting outdragged by an American made $40K Grand Cherokee SRT-8.
Looks like even the American SUVs are spanking the Porsche SUV's just like the Corvettes are outperforming the Carreras for a fraction of the costs!

A mini Cayenne will sell allot but its a bad move in the long run.
Porsche will make money no matter what they do. The X3 is good for BMW because they are massive compared to Porsche, they need the numbers to maintain their earnings (do they even have any? certainly nothing like Porsche). Porsche are in the lucky position of letting their Brand image and history do 90% of the sales for them. So they can make allot of money and not have the urgency of staying in the black by coming up with new cars that continue driving up unit sales. Cayennes and X5s are so over the top for an SUV that it helps the brand image of exclusivity and caters to people who think throwing money away like a $50K swarovksi encrusted snowmobile is the thing to do. There is nothing over the top or exclusive about an X3 or a min-Cayenne.
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