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Originally Posted by Iamcoop
Yes, it looks very similar, but mine has only one button. I'll try to set my garage door opener to work with it. Thanks for the info!


Those buttons are Radio Shack SPST (Single Throw Single Terminal) switches - Catalog #: 275-644 .

How do I know? Because I used that exact same switch (with a button LED) to create my own Built-in Garage Door Opener, though I chose to use one of the console mounted Switch Blanks to locate mine.

At least in my case, and probably the one shown above, I bought a separate Garage Door opener, took the circuit board out of the case and mounted it inside the center console.

In order to make it work with your garage opener, you're gonna need to access the control unit circuit board (probably inside the Dash) and match the positions of it's rocker switches with those found inside your current Garage Door Opener remote to make it operative. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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