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Regarding Extended Warranties (TV)

got this email alert from Warranty Direct. I know there has been some discussion of AA Autowarranty recently on this forum. I sent out for a quote from AA and received the usual rep phone call and email. Sent the rep a very specific email with questions about RMS, coolant tank, intermediate shaft, hourly labor and porsche dealer parts limitations. He asked me to call to discuss but I advised him that I needed a written repsonse to the questions before I entered into a service agreement. I also asked who the parent company of AA was and who was underwriting their policies. No EMAIL response yet.

so here's the info about the TV story...

MotorWeek TV Show
Featuring Warranty Direct

When MotorWeek, the leading automotive TV show for over 25 years, decided to do a story about automobile extended warranties, they began their research by contacting the various warranty companies, much like you are doing today. When the dust settled, MotorWeek chose to feature Warranty Direct.

Click here to see where and when MotorWeek airs in your area.
The episode will air the week of 3/30-4/7 on PBS.
You can also catch MotorWeek on the Speed channel.

With nearly 30 years experience, you'll be hard pressed to find a company with a more solid reputation than Warranty Direct. We've proven ourselves in the marketplace and have earned the position as the exclusive warranty provider for, Kelley Blue Book, Yahoo! Autos and hundreds of other automotive web sites and forums.
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