Thread: "S" regrets?
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"S" regrets?

I'm sure this has been discussed ad naseum but I couldn't locate a specific thread.

I'm looking at a non-S (2002) but it is out-of-state. No good options locally for a test drive so I'm debating how bad my "S-envy" will be!

Those of you with 986 non-S's --- do you have S regrets? If you were to do it again, would you buy non-S or hold out for an S?

Some background on my situation - I prefer the look of the non-S (gauges, door handles, tail pipe in particular). This will be a second (weekend) car. Daily driver is 05 BMW 330i ZHP. Likely will do some Drivers Ed events locally (Barber Motorsports Park) and outside chance of some autocross.
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