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Try: Laurel insurance (maybe

There are others, but their names escape me at the moment.

NJ is a tough state in general for auto insurance. I don't believe you can sell just specialty insurance in NJ. If you provide specialized auto coverage you must also offer general coverage and since NJ is such a rip off state (yes, I lived there once) it can be tough. Several of my NJ friends in the tristate area have had to go to "connecticut" to get coverage. You might also try looking for "race" coverage.

Be forwarned that some of these alternatives can be $$$ as well. It would not be uncommon to have, say, a $5-10K deductible when filing a claim to begin with. If you can afford to "self" insure you might try that.

All this bad news being said, I've done DE and AX for 17 years and haven't needed to replace a single body panel/wheel etc.

You might try different "regular" insurers. I know folks who have had good coverage with Liberty Mutual. I used a "local" agent and didn't ask who was really underwriting it. I just asked for a list of exclusions. Be sure to get you exclusions in writing and NOT rely soley on the word of the agent.

Don't be a afraid of DE. Don't let it bumm you out. Be smart though. you know whats best for you/your financial situation.

In direct response:

1) Some Ins. companies DO allow for DE participation.
2) Tracks DO NOT provide coverage to participants to pretect against damaged vehicles
3) The CLUBS carry insurance only to protect themselves while renting a facility (like pocono)
4) Some simply "self insure" and figure if they wad up the car, its out of their pocket.
4b) Some drive really old, somewhat cheap cars that, if damaged, don't hurt them financially
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