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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
Don't Boxsters need more then just the Optima battery in them,some sort of special tray for it to sit on?

Yes, it needs a different tray, or requires that you drill a hole in the existing one to accomodate it. I have spec'd a " Aluminum Plate which a machinist friend is going to make up for me. I have considered making a batch of a dozen or so were there enough interest in doing so.

You need a type 34R to fit the Boxster w/o replacing the Pos (+) cable, but these are hard to come by, so a type 34 will work just fine. You'll simply need to add a 24" 1 ga. cable in place of the stock 18" one, $4-5 at Autozone.

Aside from all the advantages of a GMT Battery over a Wet Cell, it also weighs about 12 lbs. less...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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