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Originally Posted by porsche986spyder
Best battery by far, is the OPTIMA Yellow Top. I should know because I work for Interstate Batteries. Our batteries are made by Johnson Controls, who not only makes our Interstate Brand but also the Optima battery line. Red tops are also good, but the Yellow Top battery would be best because of it's high reserve capacity. It is GREAT for our Boxsters because we use our convertible tops so much. That takes allot of power. Red Tops are more for performance Porsches that have turbos or aftermarket superchargers. By the way, they are NOT cheap batteries, but best bang for the buck! Will outlast any other battery out there. Plus they are maintenance free, and completely sealed! Hope this helps if you plan on getting a new battery.

+1 on the Optima. GMT (Glass Mat Technology) Batteries like the Optima are way ahead of traditional Wet Cell Battery technology. Generally 3 times the lifespan for only twice the price of a traditional battery...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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