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It is a very nice looking car. If it is as nice in person as the pix and mechanically sound, I would buy it. No heated seats or PSM would be my only concern. This is totally a matter of opinion but I hate the tan interior... It is much better in a Blue veh. than a Black one however. Xenons and it looks like a suade headliner?? You do need to drive it for yourself. The car will definately feel heavier and have more power in the lower rpms. I dont think you will notice many different handling characteristics other than a little better tracking in the front end. If you have a base box, the 911 brakes may add a little firmer pedal feel.
I think that once you drive it, you will probably have to have it. I drive,on a pretty regular basis, a 2002 C4S and the one thing that always gets me is the POWER. I have 0 complaints about my Box S except the noticable difference in HP. In fact, I prefer the gear box in the Boxster S 6 speed vs the C4S.
Keep us posted!
Joe DiMonte
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