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Boxster replacement "round 2"

I have been thinking about possible candidates for a Boxster replacement and found a local 911 that caught my eye. In the last thread I said I wanted to get a convertible but hated most convertible options out there. This is a hard-top with a sunroof, not quite a convertible but maybe enough to please me.

This car is the same year as my Boxster (2000) and has about the same mileage (just under 50k). I haggled him to $15k (pre-tax) with the trade-in of my Boxster. I may be able to sell my Boxster to a friend and get that a little lower.

My main question is, do you think the extra power/prestige of the standard 911 C2 will satisfy me or leave me wanting more anyway? Has anyone had some experience with both cars to know if the difference justifies the extra $15k. Or in the end am I just paying for the right to say I drive a 911?

I would like nothing more than to just have a more powerful Boxster but it seems like for the same amount or less than an engine swap I can move to a 911. Perhaps it's just human nature to never be happy with what you got. Here is the car in question...
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