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retrofit 987/997 shift knob into BMW E46 6spd

So needless to say, there are days that I miss the Box more than others - the BMW has been a fun car, though. However, in addition to hating the spongy feel of the BMW short shifter that is standard in the 330ci zhp, I think I equally hate the Honda accord style shift knob. I loved all the new interior refinements in the 987 - but thought the shift knob was perfect combination of performance and style. Unfortunately I can't find anything aftermarket for the BMW that resembles the shape or style. Thus I've been contemplating purchasing a 987 or 997 shift knob (my BMW interior is Black alcantra and carbon fiber) to put in the 3 series. But, the $300-500 priced tag of the Porsche OEM knob makes me hesitate since this would be an expensive experiment that may not work.

So, here's the off the wall question - any one have an idea or tried this experiment or know enough about the sims/diffs between the shift handles to say that it would work or not? Furthermore, anyone know where I might be able to find a good condition used one that isn't going to break the bank? Or, anyone seen anything aftermarket that is similar?
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