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Originally Posted by Boxtaboy
The door bin lid is covered with a film to make it feel soft touch, but it commonly comes off if you use certain types of sun screen on your arm and rest it on the door bin lid. Same with the plastic on the console. The remedy is to either cover it with leather or have them painted and then clear coated.

Door bin lids can be removed by lifting in up position and poking the pin in each hinge out with a paper clip. There is a spring in the rearward hinge as well that you must remove before pulling off the door bin lid. The center console can be removed pretty easily with a combination of torx screwdrivers. Instructions can be found through the B&M short shift kit instructions detail.
thanks (again)

I've seen others have painted theirs (silver, which I don't really like), but I haven't found out how to remove the old paint. anyone?
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