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Originally Posted by teacher
I read that Boxsters eat up tires, but still, I haven't seen why...what I mean is unless you smoke your tires at the get go (and I have) you still have tread, I'm thinking that I have to buy tires eventually on this used and great Porsche, yet why all the clamor about replacing tires? And if so, what are the best tires to buy, knowing that they will soon have to be replaced? (going on this philosophy of tread wear). Thanks
The rear tires on the Boxster and pretty much any other rear-weight biased vehicle will wear out faster than the fronts for two reasons. 1) In order to add stability to the car, the rear wheels are biased towards toe-in. 2) The rear weight bias increases the friction on the rear tires as compared to the fronts. In addition, any higher performance tire tends to wear faster because of it's softer compound. So no matter how gingerly you drive, this car will run through tires faster than the average.

What tires to buy? It depends on what you are going to use the car for.
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