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Originally Posted by mylamb View Post
Midwest Eurosport
104 W Irving Park Rd,
Bensenville, IL 60106

My buddy has a track prep'd 993 and has been going to them for years. They have an excellent reputation in IL. They charge about 2/3 the labor rate of the dealers & parts are comparable. Where you really save money is time - they don't drag out the billable hours like dealers often will. Here are 3 examples of service I had:

30K Service - Dealer quoted $1349. Eurosport did it for $520! (seriously)
Inner & outer CV Boots - Dealer quoted $1400. Eurosport did it for $505.
F&R Brake pads - Dealer wanted $1200. Eurosport did it for $478.

Also, they cleared a CEL for me and when I offered to pay for 1 hour labor, they said don't worry about it. They work on all Porsche's - 924, 914, 944, 968, 964, 993, 986, 997, etc. They understand that not everybody has a GT3 RS and work to accomodate everybody.
Recently picked up my 01 Boxter and had it serviced at Midwest Eurosport.

They found a few things that needed attention while recommending one to watch (prepping the area to monitor) and another that could wait. Gave very detailed info and pictures of everything.

Roy walked me around the car when I picked it up and took the time to answer my questions and give an overall appraisal of the general condition. They even scoped the pistons during my CV boot replacement and didn't charge me.

I will definitely be going back here, very happy with the price and quality of the service.
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