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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
OOps... I just read your post about the problem. So, not the screen. Still, I can send you a good -08 with a good as new screen. Maybe first you need to figure out where the electrons went stray.
Thanks for your help and for all the useful info. Yesterday I bought a cheap one with a broken LCD, for testing. If I fry it, I might reach out to you for another one If not, I`ll try to swap the screens.Btw, I`ve found this seller on eBay, who sells screens for $30, may be a good alternative (if it works): N&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4OV%2FyvfADfAYGcSx5PwLqjwG9f9 3Tj%2FUYJseA0GedMti4bxjV%2FTWUO0YS4XIrlNtM7Htijjwb Pc1EUa%2BwoshPaVErl40AuZplXZusDYaBJT1QV2amgk4bX6%2 Be5Ewp%2BGLR7N%2FzdGyHGzB%2Bx4f5SzsHOsyTWW6QCpE%2B WbejLcxxBzOOviPAXKIOaHTIDRkQe7zVrcSV4kCFcLCNSSl6Np XHfLgQ9TobBEEu2WB0BWx039ic6Ew03XYG8ManJlsVlKZ%2Fuc pB7bNrC4CfDHQTUkIzfNIYic8WOu6XtSPE%2BYSp97O%7Ctkp% 3ABFBMzLqqwNth
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