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Originally Posted by Robbat View Post
Hi from Germany,
Right now i'm stripping down my 986s from 00.
I'll try to become maximum light without using carbonfibre parts.
Maybe the car can be round about 1100 kg.
Problematic for me is the wirering.
Lot s of no more needed elektrical stuff as navigation, soundsystem, roof, ac....
Is it possible to reduce the cable harness?
And, can i deinstall the psm?
Thanks for reading. Best regards Robert
The wiring is the last place I'd look. Here are some easy ones:
-Convert the convertible top to a manual top. Just remove the motors and linkages
-Switch to lighter weight seats (factory seats are pigs)
-install a stainless muffler, the factory one is absurdly heavy. You can easily cut 30lbs here
-lightweight wheels, also reduces rotational and unsprung weight
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