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Originally Posted by chromecarz00 View Post
I think once you modify something that's so hard to replace, it gets a bit tighter of a group who would be interested. I think it's pretty cool what you've done, but white would have been a better choice than blue - more classy and in line with the cars' personality.

For me - if it were white and about half the price, I'd be more inclined to scoop it up. Just so you know where I'm coming from.

Half the price? You can't even replace all the parts I have listed in stock form for what I'm asking. I priced every single part at or below low/average used part prices. And for the color, to each their own. I totally disagree with white and there are others who have tried getting me to recreate the set in purple and ice turned them down for more than half the peice. The only other person that has done this as far as I've seen did it in green. Everyone has their own opinions on illumination color. I wanted the VAG coloring because I felt it was the nicest. That was my taste.

As for hard to replace, nothing listed is hard to replace or hard to find.

But thanks for your 2c
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