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Originally Posted by bbmidmi View Post
I cannot trust the oil level gauge in my 04 Boxster S (electronic gremlins). And I am not sure how/when to read the oil level on the stick. Is it to be read when cold (sitting level) or once the engine comes up to temp (i.e. a short drive etc.)? Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.
Check the oil cold , preferably after it has sat overnight . There is a lot of oil in the heads and it takes a while to drain back to the sump . Any time an oil change is done soon after the engine was up to temp you run the risk of over filling because not enough time is given to drain the oil . Just because it is dribbling out of the sump doesn't mean it's all out . Still oil in the heads . I let mine drain overnight . May be overkill but Jake Raby told me this and he knows a thing or two about these engines
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