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996 3.4 intake manifold on 986 boxster S

Hello. I own 2001 boxster s. My car has 3.4 heads. Since I don't have a 3.4 manifolds, I was using a 3.2 manifolds. Now I have 996 3.4 manifolds and I have them installed in their original holes in the heads. My problem is the right manifold is touching the top plate of the engine compartment (red marker) I think I need to lower the engine by 1.5" inch. I also thought of cutting the area where the manifold touches, but this time I think I can't pass the shifter cables from the top, I would have to tighten them under the manifold. I don't know which way to follow. Just lowering the front of the engine without touching the trans is it very difficult? Is there anyone who can help with this?

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