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I just bought a 1999 that was overfilled with approx 700 ml.

I used a fluid pump from harbor freight with the skinny tube cut at a 45 degree angle (gets past some barrier) shoved down the dipstick tube and pumped it out to the correct level.

The car had it's oil changed every 400 miles (crazy, but I'm not going to argue ;0)
The last oil change (different mechanic than previously) showed he added 9.2l when the capacity is I think 8.7, and I'm sure there was a little oil still in the car. At any rate, once I cut the 45 degree angle in the tiny tube I shoved down the oil dipstick, it worked pretty easily to remove any amount of oil I wanted. And- bonus- you don't have to get dirty to do it this way.

BAD things can happen with overfilled oil.
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