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Talking UPDATE: found the leak!

I was pulling the fuel lines off the top of the sending unit and the unit lifted up. I had inspected the fuel sending unit a couple of times since I first noticed fuel spilling, but I hadn't yanked on the fuel lines. I tugged on them, but apparently not hard enough. I never saw fuel in the top or around it, and I didnít smell fuel when I lifted the cover from the battery tray. When I replaced it over a year ago I must not have seated it properly. All looked well and it was snug enough to keep things working properly, but not snug enough to keep fuel from spilling while fueling. I inspected the ring to make sure it wasn't cracked and put it back on SECURELY. Iíll finish putting it back together tomorrow and take it for a drive. Troubleshooting rule #1óStart at the point/location where it was touched last!
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