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Originally Posted by JFP in PA View Post
Just to put his comment in context, the fluid which is made for Porsche does not have a GL rating of any kind; a small division of Royal Dutch Shell (Burhma) makes it to Porsche specs, so it completely unique.
Any idea why Porsche would use such a custom fluid when they're just using a VW/Audi transmission that itself has a spec (VW/Audi G 052 911) that is widely matched by a lot of products?

I'd imagine maybe they are trying to tune the 'feel' of the transmission engagement for performance driving in a way VW wouldn't care about?

Still, it makes me doubt that using a VW/Audi spec oil will cause premature transmission failure.

Honestly, I didn't know all of this when I bought the MT-90. Likely I will change back to the Porsche fluid if I change it again, but in the mean time there are much more pressing maintenance issues on this 22 year old car... and I am satisfied that the MT-90 isn't likely to cause transmission failure.
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