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Originally Posted by ike84 View Post
You are correct that this transmission is the 012, but if you search through the forums you will find a fair number of people who have had bad experiences with mt90.
I did search as much as I could, and most people seemed to be having no problem with it. I noticed one person complaining of 'notchy' shifting, but my shifting is extremely smooth feeling.

Indeed, the logic from the redline engineer makes sense to me. Here is the full text of what they sent:

Thank you for contacting Red Line Oil, in your Boxster transaxle the 75W90NS would be recommended as the Porsche hypoid amnual transmission fluid is called for. These transaxles donít have a high offset hypoid gear set so donít technically require a GL-5 gear oil but that is what they call for. The MT-90 would almost provide GL-5 protection level, would be suitable but just a little different product than called for and recommended.
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