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I know You do ECSY, You are my inspiration

2.7tt engine is very unpopular in my country, it is overtaxed And its also very popular in the tuning circles, so very few in parts market I had one B5 S4 for a family car, but beeing a 2000. MY car , it was a major headache when it started to brake down... On the other hand 2.8 and 3.0 are not a tuners engine at all, so plenty of cheap cars at the brakers. I run a tuning garage for quite some time (since 2004) and i kind of run away from the mainstream stuff... For example Honda B series is unobtanium these days, but a 3.0 30v engine is about 100-150euros, 2.8 is even cheaper

Back to the build,

The engine fired up. VAG COP conversion works.
Fuel rail is heavily modified, for stock fuel lines, works well.
Most of sensors are ok or close enough, only the oil level sensor is kind of uncompatible.

Throttle adapter contraption thingy is still in the works, dreaming of a 3d printed intake manifold.....

Some pics:

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