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Did not get the manifold how i wanted, but the only way i could. Thats why the thing is probably going to get a turbo, since its cheaper to build boost then to find a RS4 intake (big port) manifold.

It is taking some time....

I guess i made a mistake with engine choice looks like the 2.7tt fits more easy then anything, but i could not live with the 1.8t

A lot of smaller things to sort, trans oil cooler is in the way of exhaust, throttle cable is short, coolant hoses are just a bit short , fuel rail needs rewelding etc.

I did however modify the stock ecu to run VAG COP active coils and it was pretty straight forward job, just to see it fire and i will post on how to do it.

I will also test if stock ecu hardware runs with 996 3.4 software (bigger maf, mapping for 300hp etc)

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