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3.0 30v swap in a tip

Hi guys, i promised to start a build thread, but its going kind of slow.

The engine is '04. ASN from A4 3.0 30v 220hp v6 automatic. Good thing about it is, it is using 5hp19 trans , as seen in 986 tiptronic.

Custom engine cradle is fabricated for both side engine mounts, and the stock porsche mount is connected to the front engine mount. The engine now sits firmly and the hood locks in perfectly.

Car is 1997. tiptronic, with cable throttle, so i will be using stock ECU, TB etc.

Previously we made a 3d printed TB adapter, but ... Stock 3.0 manifold can not be rotated to face the throttle forward, and behind there is virtually no space to make a sensible intake (maf etc.) piping.
So i bought the 2.8 30v manifold, that has recesses on both sides, still it can not be rotated to avoid the coolant pipe on the front.

Only option left is the most dissapointing 2.7tt manifold You can see on the picture.

Possible consequence of this might be a rear mounted turbo... but we'll see...

More pics to come, later!

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