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Originally Posted by jpc763 View Post
The vacuum gauge has arrived. Let me know what I need to test.

Thanks John
Take the car for a good 20-30 minute drive.

Remove the engine cover.
On the drivers side of the intake manifold you will see a rubber sleeve connecting the crossover tubes to the intake runners.
on that rubber sleeve is a nipple where a small plastic hose is connected. That plastic hose goes down to your fuel pressure regulator. Pull it out of the nipple on the rubber sleeve.

Now connect you vacuum gauge to your "Tee" fitting with a length of hose.
Connect the plastic hose you pulled out of the rubber sleeve to the "Tee" fitting.
Insert the remaining leg of the "Tee" fitting into the nipple on the rubber sleeve.

Start the car... just let the car idle and watch the gauge for a few minutes.
Note the readings on the gauge and also the needle action if any.
Your looking for a reading of 18 -22 Hg with a steady needle.

Let me know how it goes and the readings you get... also the needle action if any.
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