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Just went in....errrrr under the car to check my settings after some comments from passengers.....regarding harsh ride.

They were on 1! I don't remember leaving them there after my last track adventure years ago now. I thought I had them all at 4 at the highest! I was wondering: am I getting too old for this car? Shall forget about building a GT40 kit? Well I am happy to report otherwise

Anyway these older style setting knobs could easily move as you put the cap back on while lying on your back under the car. I am going to experiment with a light coating of oil inside the cap such that it slides on without torque and report back. Be wary of thinking you are definitely on 9 for street or 1 for the track. Settings could change just by pulling the cap off as well.

Perhaps I am old enough now for a lift.....CCW to 1 is stiffer, facing the dial
986 00S

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