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Originally Posted by blue62 View Post
Looks like your MAF specs. (for those two tests) are within correct voltage range.
I will get you some running MAF specs. tomorrow or the next day.

You can buy a vacuum gauge at places like Orielly's auto parts.
Your looking for one that has around a 2 inch gauge face or bigger.
It should come with a section of hose and a fitting or two.
The most important fitting you will need is a "TEE" fitting.

Good that your using a stock air filter and not an after market like an oiled K&N they are hard on MAF sensors.

Interesting that the car runs "great" usually the car idles kinda rough when these two codes appear.
We will look at the MAF a little closer and see what a vacuum tests has to say.

As I said, it starts up a little rough but settles in.

Is this what I need?

HFS (R) Carburetor Carb Valve Fuel Pump Pressure & Vacuum Tester Gauge Test Kit
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