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Originally Posted by jpc763 View Post
I am back home and just checked MAF Voltage

Engine Off - 1.01 v
Engine Idle - 1.31 v

I saw other MAF values in the list.

I have no problem buying a vacuum gauge. If you can point me to a good one I can get one and then follow the instructions to test it out.

The car runs great AND there does not appear to be any difference since the codes started appearing. Upon startup it can idle rough ~600 - 1000 then settles in at around 800 RPM (based on the notches on the gauge being 200 intervals).

I am using a MAHLE Air Filter - It was changed probably 2 years ago.

Thank you so much for your help!
Looks like your MAF specs. (for those two tests) are within correct voltage range.
I will get you some running MAF specs. tomorrow or the next day.

You can buy a vacuum gauge at places like Orielly's auto parts.
Your looking for one that has around a 2 inch gauge face or bigger.
It should come with a section of hose and a fitting or two.
The most important fitting you will need is a "TEE" fitting.

Good that your using a stock air filter and not an after market like an oiled K&N they are hard on MAF sensors.

Interesting that the car runs "great" usually the car idles kinda rough when these two codes appear.
We will look at the MAF a little closer and see what a vacuum tests has to say.
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