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Originally Posted by jpc763 View Post
Thanks for the great info.

I am not home this weekend so cannot give the complete visual inspection. I was in there on Wednesday to clean the MAF. The engine bay is very clean. I do not remember any oily residue. The car was serviced in March.

I have a Durametric but nothing else to diagnose.
So with the Durametric you can check the MAF voltage and g/s.
Go into the engine module then click on actual values.
that will bring up a list of things.
Find MAF voltage.
with ....Key on but engine off..... MAF voltage should read 0.9 - 1.1 volts.
With .....engine running at idle...... MAF voltage should be 1.2 - 1.5 volts.
Let me know when your back at your car.
I will hook up my Durametric to my car and give you some running g/s figures to look at.

You can also buy a vacuum gauge for around $25.00 and I can tell you how to connect it and do a proper vacuum test with it.
If you decide to purchase one let me know I will point out the correct type.

Tell me how the car runs... do you notice anything different since the codes came up????? Does it idle correctly and at the proper RPM????
Are you using a stock air filter or is it after market????
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