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Originally Posted by jpc763 View Post
2001 986 S - 85k miles

I have been getting these codes for the past month. Car runs and idles fine.

I followed the 101 things book to clean the MAF but the codes came back.

I read on another forum to disconnect the MAF and drive the car in order to rule out the MAF. If the codes come back it’s something else. If not than it’s probably the MAF.

Is that the correct next step?
Those codes are most often caused by:
Vacuum leak of some type.
MAF sensor issue.
Fuel delivery issue.

The correct next step is a proper diagnosis of the issue.
So to try to help you I need to know what types of diagnostic tools you have available.

Best diagnostic tools are your senses.
Remove your engine cover and have a very good long look at the visual condition of your engine bay. Is it clean or dirty????
If it is dirty is it a dry dusty dirt???? or is it an oily residue type dirt.??????
If you have any oily residue type dirt on your hoses or any place in your engine bay then you have vacuum leaks.

Do you have a OBDII scanner???
Do you have a vacuum gauge???

If you have a OBDII scanner that reads MAF delivery in g/s and also MAF voltage.
Then you can look at the MAF signal in relation to RPM to see if it is near spec.

If you have vacuum gauge....... HOOKED UP CORRECTLY AND THE TEST RUN UNDER CORRECT CONDITIONS..... it will tell you if you have a vacuum leak.

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