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super advice... after checking fluid at the master cylinder, abs unit and rear calipers, i found the front caliper is working as expected. pump and hold the brake and the juice flows out of both sides of the front calipers.

pump and hold the rears and i get some fluid like a trickle to the passenger side rear outside bleeder only and none on the inside, and on the driver's side rear bleeder absolutely none...

so thinking i'll blow out the lines - following advice from above posting reply and blow out the lines all the way to rear and rebuild the rear calipers - fresh piston seal and dust cover, silicon grease so as to not damage the rubber seals

if that's doesn't get the brake juice flowing, i'll look at abs unit... cracked all the six lines on the abs unit - 2 x 13mm and 4 x 11mm and all six had good flow from the master cylinder, i didn't crack the four 11mm that feed the four calipers yet...

I did have good flow from the rear rubber lines (one each side) with rear calipers disconnected and used a m10x1.0 pitch bolt and chunk of rubber so i'd have brakes enough to safely drive the boxster around the corner to my storage - running no rear brakes and only the fronts... spongy as it's difficult to fully bleed the system with this set up!! And actually had decent braking from the front brakes only... must be the four pistons fronts!!
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