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Wheel and Tire Size

I have a 2004 Boxster S with 205/50 R16" on the fronts and 225/50 R16"s on the rears.
I recently purchased a set of 235/40 R18" (8" wide with offset ET57) for the fronts and
265/40 R18" (10.5" wide with offset ET60). I read in an earlier thread that 11" wide rims will not fit on a Boxster. Will 10.5" fit? If so, what size mm spacers will I need for front and back. I have looked at offset calculators but am not sure of exactly where the tires need to be. I also know I will need brake line clips to keep them away from the tires. If they will not fit, I got deal so I will just turn around and sell them, but I would love to make it work.
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