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Originally Posted by NewArt View Post
With all the work on the infrastructure, the roads are just covered in orange cones anyway!
Ive driven in pretty much every major city in Canada and I do remember Montrealís roads as very pot holey (new word). But by far the worst roads on a consistently bad basis in every neighbourhood are right here in River City, Winnipeg, my home town. Pot holes exist from April to November and the only time they get level with the road is when they are packed with ice in the winter. There are really only 2 driving seasons here, winter and construction.

The CAA does a yearly survey of worst roads in Manitoba and I usually just tell them every road in Winnipeg.

Here they donít even mark the pot holes with cones, there isnít that much orange plastic on the planet to address the need. Maybe use those orange cones you have as auto cross markers and make a game of it.
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