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Hello James,

I don't have a personal experience with the PSS9's but I am on my second set of KWV3's (987 & 981) and I would suggest that you first set the at the MFR suggested settings and thereafter, adjust 'one click at the time' for compression and for rebound, then drive after each change to see how you like the differences, thereafter you go to the next click until you find the setting you feel comfortable.

After installing the first set, I was lucky that Eric (Hergesheimer) was with me at the track and provide great support adjusting the tire pressures and the struts as these are obviously directly related with each other, basically you will be doing 'a lot of trial and error' until you find the setting that you feel comfortable with.

I know that you will love your new struts, the adjustability brings them a step up from the non adjustable OEM set up.
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