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Are you sure it has been maintained and driven the last few years? Sometimes old guys don't. I say this as one who saw that coming and sold mine. 70k for $12.5k 10 years ago.

Simple things like oil and brake fluid changes, tire changes because of age of the tires? When was the last major service? Brakes and clutch condition/age? Regular driving? Condition of the top ('02 still has the plastic window)?

I can ask this from the perspective of having bought a '01S and in the first two months I spent about $4k getting it into shape. Major 90k service, alignment, brakes, tires. Wonderful car afterwards. Aad it was a much younger car.

Low miles is fine in an ad but that is different from a well maintained car. Low miles not driven not maintained can be a big expenses.

$8-16k depending on those answers. Actually appreciating over the last 10 years.
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