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Fun day. Front outer tie rods came in, rear sway bar drop links, spark plugs, a set of pickle forks, new rear brakes(rotors, pads, clip thingies, and wear sensors), and two new Esco jacks to go with some old ones I have. I also got a hockey puck for the jack from my daughter's boyfriend before they left to go back to school.

Still waiting on the rear control arms, plug tubes, and the fuel filter. A solid, first month, start to taking care of some deferred maintenance.

Found out this evening that the mirror control trim panel was glued in place. I'll need to see it in better light(freaking old eyes suck) to see if it's a problem with the trim piece or what it snaps into.

I also got down my grandfather's old wooden creeper. He was a mechanic and driver for Mercedes based racing teams back in his day. It still works and has significant sentimental and cool factor value.
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