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Went ahead and ordered the rear control arms as multiple threads indicated the "rattle" I hear right by the top of the seatbelt is almost certainly the control arm. Should have most of what I ordered by next weekend. Still need to order the motor mount. Will probably order the Powerflex mount. I really like that it has a lifetime warranty and the reviews on the bushing have seemed to be very good, it's the insert that gets panned pretty regularly.

Will probably do the water pump in a month or two as well as the driver side window regulator. The window drops, but not as far as the passenger side and it needs to be helped a little before closing the door so it doesn't catch on the trim. I have zero history on the car other than what the PO declined to do over the last year or so.

It'll be fun to be wrenching again, as well as showing my son how to do it.

Definitely still in the honeymoon phase. This car is pure bliss. We'll see how I feel after getting under it and seeing what other deferred maintenance I've been left with lol!
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