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Oh sorry for my late repsons, thanks all for the good input!

It looks like the flywheel I was offered has gone so I need to find something else. A lot of talk about the Aasco alu-wheel. I also realize that I want a sprung clutch, to mitigate the ratteling. This car is mainly a street car but I want it to be competetive at the track too.

So, if I would go with the Aasco, do anyone know a sprung clutch that would fit? My car is the 986s 2003.

Also a question to yoou gues who responded about lifting heigt, the 20", do you mean the total clearance so that 20" jacks would be enough? Or do I need to lift it 20" higher than how it stands with the wheels on? Stupid questions I guess.

I know that itīs an increased risk, but wtf..
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