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LWFW would love some pointers!

Iīm seriously considering putting on a lightweight flywheel.. As always I google like crazy first when trying things I havenīt done before ;-)

I know that it will be harder to use in daily traffic but this car is a bit track oriented.. Also know about the risk due to lack of harmonic damping. I plan to use a pulley with harmonic damper to mitigate somewhat. (Eg. RSS 608 - Harmonically Damped - Underdrive Performance Pulley Kit)

Sorry for my newbie questions..

1) How high do I really need to lift the car to get to remove the gearbox properly? I have a feeling I need to invest in a set of new, higher jacks..

2) I got an offer on a FW made in iron (4.5kg) whats the deal with a iron FW? Is it better/worse/other benefits related to the alu FW? is 4.5 unreasoneable light, am I better of with a little heavier?

3) The clutch.. Do I need a sprung clutch or can I use the oem? I guess my question is "should I" I understand that there will be some ratteling with the unsprung, but will it hurt the drivetrain?
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