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I basically used regular old duct tape. Worked fine. 3 years later no issues. Can’t hear any difference. One of the more satisfying DIY’s I performed on the car. The blowing foam is annoying. Could finally vacuum the car out and not be afraid to turn on the HVAC afterwards.

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I'm bringing this up to the top as I've started getting foam out the vents this year on my 2003. I haven't been hit in the face with it yet but it's starting to make a mess on the dash and the floor.

After reviewing Meir's full disassembly method and 78F350's center console method, I am going to opt for 78F350's.

My questions are about the use of solid tape instead of foam. Has anyone who used tape noticed any adverse affects? Someone in an earlier post said they thought the original use of foam may have been for sound attenuation. No one has mentioned that their heat or a/c is noisier now. Also, it seems like the original foam would have let some small amount of air to continue to pass through the doors when they are closed and the tape won't. I'm planning to use the aluminum tape but would be curious to hear if anyone has anything to add before I take this project on soon.
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