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.....There is validity to the weight of the muffler affecting the “Drone.”

If you read the engineering description of the build of the 986, the muffler and engine and transmission were all tuned together on a “shake table” as a unit. If you look at the way the entire power train is installed, they were engineered as a complete unit and were tuned as a complete unit. The designers wanted a center outlet exhaust for a link to the original 550 Spyder.

The engineers told them it was impossible with the room they had under the car. After a lot of work, they developed that one, huge, muffler and it worked.

If you take that one huge muffler off and replace it with a double can setup, it completely throws off the harmonics of the system and you get that nasty “Drone” on the highway.

That’s why the FVD Brombacher “Sound Version” and the “Crios Mod” OEM mufflers, and the Porsche factory accessory muffler with the vacuum actuated bypass valves are the only mufflers that give good sound and don’t produce the head splitting “Drone” on the highway.

Of those three options, today, a decade plus after the last 986 was built, the most elegant solution is the FVD muffler. Unfortunately, it’s freaking expensive.

BUT, it works. It’s WORTH the money.

But people buy these cars because they are cheaper than Toyota’s today and everyone wants a cheap, badass Porsche sound.

Just buy the FVD muffler and be done with it.

Get busy driving, or get busy wrenching and cussing.

Good luck.
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