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I have question about cam angles as well. Sorry to hi-jack the thread, maybe here's similar question like the OP.

Couple of days ago did some Durametric time with my 2001 Boxster 2.7 with manual transmission.

There is a slight difference on the cam angles as the engine is running (idle is not actually moving like in the images if I don't touch the gas pedal). Variocam comes on and goes off, so the solenouds do work fine. Just the cam angles are slightly off on all rpm's. Looks like the slight difference on the can angles are mostly opposing each banks at the same moment. Should I be concerned of this cam angle difference and/or what causes this?

Below are few images from Durametric session that maybe explans a bit my above question:

This last image is of manual VarioCam activations done one by one. Also this shows a slight difference between cams (idle drops and jumps as the variocam is manually activated here - that should be no concern here)

Boxter 2.7 2001 Manual
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